Price Catalog

Income Tax Preparation* (all prices quoted are per return)

Basic Income Tax Return Preparation                                      $100+
Basic Income Tax Return Amendment                                       $60+
Basic DIY-With Assistance Tax Return                                       $75+
Advanced Income Tax Return Preparation                           $125+
Advanced Income Tax Return Amendment                           $120+
Advanced DIY-With Assistance Tax Return                           $110+
Protection Plus Audit Assistance                                             $50

 * The option to elect refund transfer as a method of payment for tax preparation fees is available for a fee of $39.95. Clients can also apply for advances on their income tax returns.

Bookkeeping Services

Basic Bookkeeping Plan                               Starting at $300/month
Advanced Bookkeeping Plan                    Starting at $450/month
Premier Bookkeeping Plan                         Starting at $800/month
Compilation Service                                      $150+

Consulting Services

Budget Creation                              Starting at $100/budget
Financial Consulting                  $80/hour
Sales Tax Filing                                $250/year
Legal Filing Compliance           $250/regulatory agency filing
Trademark Application            $350/application
Business Formation                   $200/business

Training Services

  Training for Accountants for Quickbooks                     $300+
 Training for Small Businesses  for Quickbooks               $225+

Payroll Services

Basic Payroll                                       Starting at $150/month
Advanced Payroll                           Starting at $300/month
Premier Payroll                               Starting at $450/month

Notary Services                                                                                             

Flat fee                                                                                              $2