The “DIY With Assistance” Tax Program

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) With Assistance Program was established in 2016 with the taxpayer in mind. Through the DIY-With Assistance Program, clients can learn how to file their own income tax returns by using our step-by-step income tax software. Upon completion, clients will participate in a consultation with our tax preparers to review the return explaining what changes are necessary and what actions can be taken in subsequent years to reduce taxable income, increase clients’ income tax refund, and ensure that clients receive all the tax credits applicable to them.

The DIY With Assistance Program also provides internships for students interested in the accounting and business field in order for them to get hands on experience with preparing tax returns and fostering positive working relationships with clients, skills that are both vital to one’s success in Corporate America’s accounting firms.

Through the DIY With Assistance Program, not only are we providing high-quality service to all of our clients, but we are empowering them, as well as students, with knowledge of tax laws which will facilitate financial cognizance and increase financial growth for the client and provide students with hands-on experience often required for entry level positions in Corporate America one income tax return at a time.