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As a result of the social injustice that the African American community has been experiencing in America, many were and still are wondering what can be done to affect change. Our proposed solution is re-placing the black dollar. We’ve seen a plethora of companies make diversity and inclusion statements to show their solidarity with the African American community. However, in my opinion, these statements were only made in fear of losing the black dollar as many African Americans have begun and continue to spend their dollars with black owned businesses. As a result, we believe the climate is ready and receptive to closing the gap – that is, the wealth gap between African Americans and other ethnicities. Our virtual event Closing the Gap will consist of daily presentations from August 10-13, 2020, by various influencers on different facets of financial literacy such as budgeting, credit, investing, and business ownership, that will educate the African American community on what can be done individually and collectively to close the wealth gap. Closing the Gap will climax on August 14, 2020 with a panel discussion between our founder and several other influencers as we discuss the color of money, racism, and laws and regulations – topics on which we can no longer be silent if we want to, in fact, close the gap. The purpose of the event is to provide viable, practical, and accessible information to the African American community that one may otherwise never receive because of the color of their skin, their income level, or their social status. With the partnership of several other professionals and influencers who share a common mission with Southern Tax of spreading financial literacy around the globe, Closing the Gap is sure to be an effective and impactful event.