Protection Plus Audit Assistance

Through our partnership with Tax Protection Plus, we offer our clients audit assistance through Protection Plus coverage. Upon income tax return preparation, a client can elect, at its own discretion, to purchase Protection Plus coverage in addition to our tax preparation fees. Protection Plus is a professional audit assistance and identity theft restoration service that provides taxpayers:

Relief from IRS Audit or Inquiry Headaches - With a simple phone call, you will receive the assistance you need from one of our experienced audit assistance professionals. We work directly with you and the IRS to bring the matter to resolution as quickly as possible.

Tax Return Fraud Assistance - Protection Plus will assist taxpayers who experience problems in filing their tax return due to a suspected identity theft incident. We will assist in completing all required paperwork and getting their tax return successfully filed, and also in obtaining an IRS Identity Protection PIN.

Identity Theft Restoration Services - For a full year from the date of enrollment, Protection Plus Members have 24/7, 365 days per year access to Identity Theft Restoration Advocates who will provide comprehensive, personalized recovery services. All work is performed by qualified Privacy Advocates.

Tax Debt Relief - Protection Plus is now offering help with taxpayers who owe tax debts to the IRS. When additional taxes, penalties, and interest are assessed, working with the IRS can be a confusing and stressful experience. At no extra charge, our staff will work with you for a resolution to your debt.

$2,500 Preparer Error Guarantee - You can rest easy knowing that your participating tax preparers’ services are guaranteed. If a legitimate preparer error is made during the filing of a tax return, the taxpayer may be reimbursed for added expenses incurred up to $2,500*.

*Subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions outlined in the Tax Reimbursement Program Terms and Conditions.